Wednesday, January 28, 2015

E Cigarette Forum by Gypsy Vapes

E Cigarette Forum by Gypsy Vapes

When it comes to finding the right information on electronic cigarette products, news and information, the E Cigarette Forum by Gypsy Vapes has established a well deserved reputation as being one of the best. The open forum has thousands of customers and businesses talking with each other about a wide variety of subjects that will keep you informed about what is happening in the vaping community.

The purpose of the forum is to provide helpful news and information as well as being a great introduction for people who are just discovering Ecig and vaporizer products. In addition, those who wish to stop smoking tobacco products can find plenty of information here as there are forums on all types of subjects. However, you don’t have to search to find answers to your questions, simply sign up and ask what you want and the answers will be forthcoming.

The wealth of information present has helped many people understand information such as the best vape products, the advantages vaping has over tobacco, what are the advantages and disadvantages of vaping and so forth. Just when it seems that practically every subject has been covered, along comes new ones that will inform and stimulate healthy debate.

If you are looking for a place that will answer your questions about the electronic cigarette, vaping and all related subjects, then the E Cigarette Forum by Gypsy Vapes is the answer. The website is simple to join and before you know it you’ll be participating in a highly active community that is all about vaping.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Why did the Big Tobacco companies put warning labels on their products?

Why did the Big Tobacco companies put warning labels on their products?

Big Tobacco companies Altria and RJ Reynolds have taken another desperate step to bolster their image by placing excessively long warnings on their products.

These warnings include information that the vaping devices are not smoking cessation products and are intended for use by persons of legal age or older, and are not suitable for children, pregnant or breast feeding women, or people at risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. The warning then proceed to inform the reader that nicotine is, in fact, addictive and can form a habit, and mentions the negative side effects of the substance, including increased heart rate, dizziness, nausea and stomach pain.

RJ and Altria defend their decisions by explaining that this is a way to achieve “open and honest communication” with their users. Part of the reason is in fact that this makes them appear more reasonable and worried about the health of their users.

The truth is, however, that most people ignore these warnings. And, in fact, combustible cigarettes don’t have nearly as long warnings on them! So, what is the real reason behind these excessively long and informative “warnings” on the e-cigarettes?

In short, the policy is a protection against potential lawsuits and a clever PR ploy. The open-system products offered by the smaller independent companies are attracting more and more vapers and present a significant risk to the Big Tobacco business. The Altria and RJ Reynold’s desire to create more cigarette-like products have led to them selling ineffective devices.
As a result, they need some way to promote their business and their latest move is by posing to be concerned about the public health. Most users will see right through this PR move but until then, the big tobacco companies will try to make as many sales as possible.

Friday, January 9, 2015

What are Smokeless Cigarettes?

What are Smokeless Cigarettes?

You may have heard about smokeless cigarettes and wondered what they actually were. If so, they are real products that provide the feeling of smoking a tobacco cigarette without most of the inherent dangers that comes with the experience. Every day, more people are switching to electronic cigarettes that do not produce the smoke, but instead provide what is known as vaping pleasure that certainly feels like a tobacco cigarette.

How Smokeless Cigarettes Work?
In essence, this is an electronic device that uses liquids or oils which are heated inside a container that often has the appearance of a standard tobacco cigarette. Once heated, the water vapor that is created is then pulled into the lungs and exhaled. In addition to products that look like tobacco cigarettes, there are versions that are small and compact, but bear little resemblance to tobacco products.

There are a number of benefits to using electroniccigarettes, particularly if you are trying to quit smoking or are looking for a suitable alternative.
No Second Hand Smoke: Because there are no tobacco products involved, there are no carcinogens either which means that when you exhale there is no danger to others.

You can choose from a wide range of flavors to really enhance your vaping experience
Inexpensive: When you compare the price of vaping products to that of tobacco cigarettes, you can save hundreds of dollars every year which makes them quite affordable.

Smokeless cigarettes are not only real, they are a powerful alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Advantages of the "Vaping"

The vaping experience has exploded over the past few years for a number of reasons, including the fact that it has helped many people to stop smoking. The electronic cigarette has changed the way that people think about smoking. The introduction of the portable vaporizer has allowed for millions of people to experience vaping for the first time.

To vape is essentially to mimic traditional smoking by using an electronic cigarette or Ecig which contains flavor liquids which when heated produce a water vapor that is drawn into the lungs. Nicotine may be part of the vape or not depending on the person using the device. The result is an experience that simulates tobacco smoking without the carcinogens that are found within that product.

The Advantages of the Electronic Cigarette:
There are several benefits to using this product over tobacco cigarettes starting with the lack of carcinogens which not only greatly reduce the chances of developing cancer in the body, but also affecting others through second-hand smoke.

Another advantage is the price of the Ecig is considerably less than tobacco products which has led to many people switching just on those grounds. Also, because the levels of nicotine can be adjusted, a person can gradually dial down the amount over time and lose the physical addiction. In fact, many people have used vaping to rid themselves of the smoking habit once and for all. For many, the portable vaporizer has been quite popular in its effect on traditional tobacco smoking

Friday, January 2, 2015

What are Vapor Cigarettes?

For those who use tobacco products, in the form of smoking, it may seem that the promises made by vapor cigarettes are too good to be true. After all, a product that looks like a cigarette, yet uses no tobacco can successfully mimic all the best attributes of smoking without the inherent dangers certainly sounds farfetched.

However, electronic cigarettes not only live up to the promises, they surpass them as well. The e-cig has certainly come a long way thanks to advancing technology and the widespread use of flavor eliquid that contain the elements that smokers want without the dangers that come with regular tobacco products.

What are Vapor Cigarettes?

Essentially, this is an electronic cigarette device that consists of a cartridge and rechargeable battery which has the appearance of a traditional tobacco cigarette. Inside the cartridge is the flavor eliquid that may or may not contain nicotine. When you “draw in” on the end of the e-cig, the battery activates and the atomizer inside the cartridge which in turn heats the liquid. The result is the creation of flavored water vapor that you pull into your lungs and release.

Because the eliquid is not a tobacco product, it contains none of the carcinogens that causes cancer and would present a danger to you and those who breathe in your second hand smoke. An electronic cigarette offers none of those dangers, although some of them does contain nicotine which is known to be addictive and harmfull.

For tobacco smokers who are looking for a healthier alternative, vapor cigarettes are certainly far safer way to go and far less expensive as well.