Friday, January 9, 2015

What are Smokeless Cigarettes?

What are Smokeless Cigarettes?

You may have heard about smokeless cigarettes and wondered what they actually were. If so, they are real products that provide the feeling of smoking a tobacco cigarette without most of the inherent dangers that comes with the experience. Every day, more people are switching to electronic cigarettes that do not produce the smoke, but instead provide what is known as vaping pleasure that certainly feels like a tobacco cigarette.

How Smokeless Cigarettes Work?
In essence, this is an electronic device that uses liquids or oils which are heated inside a container that often has the appearance of a standard tobacco cigarette. Once heated, the water vapor that is created is then pulled into the lungs and exhaled. In addition to products that look like tobacco cigarettes, there are versions that are small and compact, but bear little resemblance to tobacco products.

There are a number of benefits to using electroniccigarettes, particularly if you are trying to quit smoking or are looking for a suitable alternative.
No Second Hand Smoke: Because there are no tobacco products involved, there are no carcinogens either which means that when you exhale there is no danger to others.

You can choose from a wide range of flavors to really enhance your vaping experience
Inexpensive: When you compare the price of vaping products to that of tobacco cigarettes, you can save hundreds of dollars every year which makes them quite affordable.

Smokeless cigarettes are not only real, they are a powerful alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes.